The Rough cut capacity planning based on information system

rough: cut : capacity : planning

  • sulung rahmawan wira ghani universitas hasyim asy'ari tebuireng jombang
Keywords: RCCP, system information, capacity, production


In manufacture factories, production process is a main activity that must be planned well. If it doesn't have good plan, the production division will get difficulty in planning some amount of production process. This situation has been happened to CV. MITRA AGRO SENTOSA. So,in order to make the production process run well, it needs the determination process of production process. Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) Method is used to determine the capacity needed to Master Production Scheduling (MPS). The Information System of RCCP Web Based is build to use programming words of php with My Sql database. The RCCP method can give information that shows the production capacity and available capacity in every period, so it can be directly known by production division. It also can result the capacity production planning in the next period. The result of using information system of RCCP Web Based is 20% more effective and efficient than By using manually. The result is shown in load profile. It is a diagram which  shows the next capacity needs based on orders that has been planned and issued as in one absolute time.